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Play Areas

A safe solution for kids

Get rid of unsafe tarmac, sand, wood chips for school and playgrounds.

Artificial Playground turf not only looks attractive, but is low maintenance and able to withstand prolonged and excessive use. On top of this, eco playground turf is also long lasting and cost-effective, as well as safe in the event of trips and falls.


Recent years have also seen a rise in the use of artificial grass for schools, either as part of the landscaping or as surfaces in sports. Sports fields need durable grass surfaces that provide a soft landing for players during games, but don't go bald or patchy with frequent and heavy traffic; especially as such wear and tear can increase the risk of accidents. This is why it is a good idea to invest in low upkeep, highly durable artificial grass for schools.

Whether used as a school sports field or a patch of playground grass, our artificial grass offers a range of benefits. As well as being tough, flexible and long lasting, they are cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical. More importantly, they are safe.



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