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Roof Decks

Maximize living space with artificial grass roof decks

The last place anyone would think to put grass would be the roof, right? What about grass on your deck or patio or even around your pool? In most cases, rooftops and roof decks are unusable living spaces. With decks having to require staining, weatherproofing, and regular maintenance, who wouldn't prefer the feel of soft grass under bare feet over hard concrete patios and around the pool?


Turf Bros. transforms unusable areas into beautiful outdoor living areas to enhance your quality of life by creating more useful and functional spaces. Innovative solutions from Turf Bros. provide many creative possibilities for using grass in areas never before imaginable. 


The Turf Bros. Deck solution creates many advantages for residential and urban life by creating something out of what usually is nothing.



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Every installation project starts with a free in-person consultation and quote. Following that we can better understand your ideal design and financial goals. 


Looking forward to hearing more about your project!

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